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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Two's Company, Three's a Crowd, and Eleven is a Chess Fest

A new record for Saturday attendance at Panera was set yesterday when 11 players pushed the wood! The regulars were there including Nick, Bob L. Jerry, Andrew L., Andrew P., Stephanie, and Darren. James Whiddon came in the afternoon to get his hat back in the game. Brand new players included Michael and Beth Harper, and Maria Judy. Also sticking their head in to say hello was James Osborne. Now if the temperature would soar to 75 so we could play on the tables outdoors .....


Jerry said...

Beth, a new attendee, recommended that we move the Saturday meeting location to El Tapatio, a Mexican restaurant located between Hancock Fabric and Tuesday Morning.

I have posted a new thread and a poll on our old Forum site. Please check out the post and vote by scanning down this page until you come to "From our old site" then click on "Proboards Forum" which is in red.

Please post any comments you may have at either this or the Forum site. The poll is not binding but rather to find out what the membership thinks so we can discuss it at a meeting.

Although I talked at length with two other Panara regulars I am obviously bias and may have forgotten some of their cons. Please don't hesitate in commenting.

I would personnally appreciate any thoughts on holding Saturday Rated Quads; prehaps on a bi-monthly basis.



Anonymous said...

I vote for Panera. I prefer coffee to beer for breakfast and tea for lunch. LOL I think the Mexican place would be a great place to meet for some late afternoon or evening chess...kinda like we used to do in Bardstown. Some people are bothered by the noise of the TVs or bigger crowds that is sometimes the result of having one big open room like El Tapatio's floor plan. We could do breakfast and lunch at Panera and then happy hour and dinner at El Tapatio. Kind of like a progressive dinner party w/ a chess theme. LOL

Nickhead said...

I think this is not the place for this. The "Panera chess" is not a club function. It was started by a group that likes to place chess and likes the atmosphere at Panera bread. To bring "club politics" to this meeting place will destroy it. I think that those folks that decided to start playing at Panera and like playing there should continue to do so, those that don't should move on. I will continue to frequent Panera as time permits.

Jerry said...

The more I think about it Nick is right; Panera's is not an "official club function". Therefore I have removed my thread and the poll from the old forum site.

I think that El Tapatio's is too good a chance to pass up as some of us want to have rated games and Panera's just isn't suitable for that purpose.

I will give it a trial tryout and if it succeeds it will give us one more chess venue. If it fails it will fall on my shoulders alone.