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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Politics As Unusual

Due to the request of several members I hereby announce my candidacy for Club President.

I believe my past contributions to the Club and area chess speaks for it's self.

My ideas for the future are:

1. Look into becoming affiliated with ECTC; with the possibility of getting monetary support from the College.

2. Have an optional rated tournament on the 4th Tuesday of each month; those who prefer to study can do so in the Welding Room. Details will follow in an e-mail.

3. Charge dues at the rate of $2 per month or $20 for an entire year. This will solve the "who is a member" question that has arisen as a result of the elections.

4. Make our weekend tournaments more attractive to area Masters and arrange simul's like we did in the past.

5. I've asked Ernie to look into the possibility of having "A Night With Dan" on a quarterly basis. We would set up a computer and allow 6 or more members to ask Dan Heisman a chess question.

6. Actively pursue sponsors to help pay for the above programs. I have a local politician (not me!) ready to write a check for $100 right now.

I believe that Ernie is going to announce that the Club elections will be pushed back to the 25th due to conflicts with local elections on the 18th.

I will work up a constitution or set of by laws for viewing prior to the election.

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