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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Club Meeting 7 July 2010

Darren left his cat's to play alone as he took time from his vacation to renew old acquaintances at the Club last night. Steve P., Johnny, Gelvic, Nick, Ernie, Kerry, Sal, Rudy, Dave, and Jerry were also in attendance.

It was good to see Dave back again; Dave is planning on a move to Cave City in the near future but says it won't stop him from supporting the Club.

Kerry took me to task for not reporting that he had held Johnny to two draws prior to playing Steff last week. Kerry and Nick will be on vacation next week and may run into each other as they are both from the same county in Pennsylvania.

Again, it was great to see Darren and Dave again; both plan on playing in the Bluegrass this weekend if you missed them last night.

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