2013 Championship

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Clayton Wins At KY Open!

Stephanie scored 3 points, tying for 1st place in her section and winning $50! This is a repeat of last year when she won outright and got all the prize money. Steff was also the biggest point gainer as her rating jumped 175 points! That's more than Andrew P, Gelvic and myself combined. Click here to see the X-table.
Andrew and Steff played in the Under 1400, Gelvic played in the Under 1800 (and still has no clock), I tested the water in the Open Section and will try to post at least an interesting draw position from my 4th round game with a player rated 1900+.

Ernie is right Steff gained 175 points! I made the correction above. - Ed.


Ernie said...

Stephanie, good job!!!

Ernie said...

Just to point out a correction, Stephanie jumped 175 points!

Stephanie said...

Looks like I played w/ my eyes closed...i need a new photo...sheesh! Thanks Ernie and Jerry. I think the longer time controls helped me tremendously.