2013 Championship

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thursday Night Chess at Kreso's Restaurant

Nine people came for chess, drink, and good food in Bardstown last Thursday night and with the owner of the restaurant as one of the nine, we were able to close the place down. It was a great night for chess AND a reunion. James Biggs came back after a long break from live chess, graduating from U of L, and playing better than ever! (The only reason he came was to beat Stephanie.) Raina K. and her three chess playing children came. Nada watched her mom (Raina) win her game against Stephanie, Tim lost against Stephanie, Amy won a game against Nathan only to lose to him in another game. Clany played several games and won most of them, if not all. I didn't get his score. Dzevad, owner of Kreso's Family Restaurant, won against Amy but those two are always going back and forth on wins when Dzevad can escape from the kitchen. Dzevad took some photos and if he will give one to me, I'll post it later. Did I mention the food? It was great!! They have a wide variety of beer and wine and I highly recommend the wiener schnitzel. Join us Thursdays from 6:30-9:00 at Kreso's on North Third St. in Bardstown. We play skittles; not tournament games so if you are new to the game or a GM, you will get a good game from someone.