2013 Championship

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Game 75 ??

Has game 30/5 been blowing up on you? Defuse the grenade and play for a norm with game 75/5!!
Contact Johnny if you want to play game 75/5 on regular meeting nights. His offer to resume game 75 was buried in a comment and may have escaped notice except for Amy and myself.

Format: 1 game a night for 3-5 weeks as needed then submitted for rating. You don't have to play each week; so the format offers you a chance to play even if your schedule doesn't permit attending each week.
At least 4 players need to commit  in order to get things rolling. Johnny's contact information is: (270)-272-3061 or chessnut@insightbb.com .

Remember we will be meeting at the Family Buffett on the 20th.

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Johnny said...

4 games are needed to get a norm! So we would need 5 players for 4 rounds and 6 players for 5 rounds so nobody would have to play anyone twice. Again, you don't have to play every week and make-up games could be played if desired.