2013 Championship

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chess Problem

                                                                      HASEK 1951
                                                            White to move and draw

When I saw this problem it immediately reminded me of Kerry. I am putting the solution at comment number 1 below.


Jerry said...

1.Ng4+ hxg4 2.d4+ Ke6 3.Rh1!! Qf8 4.Ke1 Qa8 5.Kf1
Qa6+ 6.Kg1 and Black cannot make progress.

Kerry said...

took me awhile, but I finally figured the solution. I had the Ng4+, but had to figure out what to do with the rook.

Ernie said...

Nice problem! I considered 1.Ng4+ hxg4 2.d4+ Kf5 but thought it was lost after the queen made it to a6. The problem was keeping the queen out of d3, e2, and f1 which isn't going to happen. White would be put in zugzwang with a simple king move. So 3.Rh1!! (two exclams are fitting!) to set up a stalemate position. Very tough!

And the problem with 1.Nxh5 (h5-h4 IS a threat, opening the position for the queen) is 1...exd3 which opens other avenues of attack. So really, 1.Ng4+ is the only option whether it works or not. The real key is 3.Rh1.

Ernie said...

Another point about this problem is that it confounds chess engines! I ran this through Houdini and even after playing over the drawing line, it evaluates it at -5.91. In other words it is saying "Black is up a queen for a rook!" It doesn't go for the draw but instead plays out every possible continuation, avoiding the draw because it can't see the end.

Humans are still better at evaluating these kinds of positions!

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