2013 Championship

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Johnny Owens Wins By A Full Point!!

Johnny Owens, on the left in this file photo, scored 2.5 to win the G/45 Tournament which was played at Club meetings over the last three weeks. Due to low participation the originally planned 4-Rd event ended up as a Quad; disappointing those who signed up  looking for a norm. Click here for X-table.


Johnny said...

The same 4 of us plan on doing it again starting September 18th! It would be nice if we could get a couple more players!!

Jerry said...

What are the conditions this time? Originally 5th wheels would not be allowed and there were to be 2 games a night. Please define the conditions so I'll know weither to sign up or stay home.

Johnny said...

We will decide of the format after we find out how many players show up!
It will be Game/45 and we will finish it in three weeks so if more players want to play we may go to 2 games per week for some of the weeks. I think we will just play one game the 1st week.

Johnny said...

I think I will limit it to the first 6 to register. That way we can play 5 rounds.