2013 Championship

Saturday, February 23, 2013

John M. Marcsik Wins "The 2nd Annual Winter Blues Open!"

The good weather brought 18 players to Elizabethtown for the 2nd Annual Winter Blues Open! John M. Marcsik won 3 games and drew 1 to take 1st place. Chris Bush, Taylor Bagley and Jennifer Ishee each score 3 points to share 2nd place. Floyd Beauchamp, Johnny Owens and Josiah Hereford each scored 2.5 to share 2nd place under 1800 money and Greg Jackson took home the under 1400 money. This was a strong event as you can see from the crosstable! REMEMBER: The Shamrock Open is on March 9th. Five players have already pre-registered!


Johnny said...

Josiah Hereford, a young man from Murray, KY played outstanding and gained 101 rating points at this tourney!
USCF says we only had 16.7% local players! I know we only had 3 club players to play! If you don't support our local events DON'T COMPLAIN!

Jerry said...

Wow!! Great turn out and what a tournament the last place finisher gained rating points!