2013 Championship

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Look Like A Lady----Play Like A Lion!

The photo above shows Vera Menchik the first Woman World Chess Champion at the board. Menchik won the World Championship 8 times! With a phenomenal score of 78 wins, 4 draws, and only 1 loss! Not only did Vera play in women's events she also participated in men's events and played matches against men. Before the 1929 Carlsbad Tournament Viennese master Albert Becker remarked sarcastically that anyone losing to her should be put in the Vera Menchik Club . You guessed it, he became the first member!

In the Elizabethtown Chess Club there is a similar club: the Amy Nunn Club! Amy has taken more than a few scalps in tournament play, click here to view her record and once you get the link opened click on "Top 30 opponents" then click search for a by name list of her victims. Unbeknown to me Amy even keeps track of skittles games and informed me that I had just lost my first game (G/10;d5) against her at a recent Club meeting. Once Amy improves her end game play (we all need to do that!) she will become a force to be reckoned with as she has already almost eliminated her old time control problems.