2013 Championship

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Michael Thomas Wins The Thanksgivivng Open!

                 Chris Bush (left) and Michael Thomas playing for 1st place in the 4th round!
                                                                   It ended in a draw!

Michael Thomas scored 3.5-0.5 to win 1st Place at today’s “Thanksgiving Open”!  Taylor Bagley and Chris Bush tied for 2nd place with 3-1.  Michael Williams and Dan Franklin tied for the Under 1800 prize and Michael picked up 59 rating points! Jacob Williams won the Under 1400 prize and picked up 91 rating points along the way!

The rating cross-table can be viewed here:
Chess players have a lot to be thankful for in Elizabethtown!  I’ve directed 12 Saturday tournaments in Elizabethtown this past year and we’ve had 56 different players to play from 6 different states with ratings from unrated to 2300+. We have had 7 different USCF Experts to play with us! I have one more tournament scheduled for 2013 and hope it’s another great one!


Anonymous said...


In case I haven't said it before, thank you so much for running a great series of tournaments! It's organizers like you that make Kentucky a great state in which to be a chess player, and I truly appreciate all of your efforts!

---Mike Thomas

Johnny said...

Thanks Mike, I had considered cutting back to only 4 tournaments in 2014, but Taylor and Chris also thanked me for providing a place to play chess on Saturday and we have averaged over 14 players a tournament and that is including the Senior Open that only had 4 players this year. So, I'm now reconsidering my decision!