2013 Championship

Saturday, January 9, 2010

6 at 10 and 5 for 960

Six club members showed up at 10am at Panera Bread this morning to push wood. Nick joined regulars Jerry, Stephanie, Andrew L., Darren, and Bob L. Three boards were blazing with quick action. Stephanie claimed to have gotten a win against Bob on the 1st board, but with only 2 eyewitnesses there's no real way to tell for sure. At the same time, a new tournament was set up on Chess.com for playing chess960. Five players signed up to fill the field and start the tournament, 4 of them members of our club. The fifth player is a joiner from London, possibly giving Darren a cultural edge in the tourney since he speaks the language.


Anonymous said...

Since there were two very honest eyewitnesses, I'm sure it can be proven, however, it was one of those lucky things that will probably never happen again....at least this year.

Jerry said...

Finding two honest eye witnesses or you winning a game?

Anonymous said...

Me winning a game.