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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Who Said That 13 Was Unlucky?

Thirteen players came in from the cold last night and fought hard for three rounds in our first Second Tuesday Tournament of 2010. There were 6 players in the under-1400 section, and Rudy chose to 'play up' making for 7 players in the Open. Rudy's bold move turned out to be golden after patiently waiting out a bye in the first round when he scored a win in the third round to raise his rating to 1405 and claim a stake in Class C. Steve Parsons controlled the section with 2.5 points, all of them counting in the new 2010 Club Championship. In the under-1400 section, Dave Brock scored a full 3 wins bringing his rating into Class D at 1234. See the complete crosstable here.

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