2013 Championship

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Three Point Shots

Steve Parsons collected all 3 points to win the open section in last night's 2nd Tuesday Tournament and inched closer to Expert with a 1984 rating. He extended his total in the 2010 championship to 8 points. Ernie Weaver cleared 2 points in the tourney sharing the honors with Nick Folino and James Whiddon. Ernie made it 4.5 points in the championship for a clear 4th. Nick and James both earned their first 2 championship points. Joe Farrell and Johnny Owens both came in with even scores of 1.5. Joe's championship total improves to 6.0, maintaining 2nd position. Johnny's total rises to 5.0 claiming the 3rd position. Jerry Weldin earned a win while Kerry Fatula and Andrew Lee took 1 point byes giving Jerry and Andrew 3 points in the championship standings with Kerry claiming 2.5 points.

Bob Lenning scored 3 points in the under 1400 section to lead the group. Dave Brock held his own with 2 points while Stephanie Clayton bested Sal Mancuso to earn 1 point.

You can find the complete tournament crosstable here.

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