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Friday, March 26, 2010

White to Move

See the solution after the fold:

This position is from the game Spassky - Marsalek 1960. White wins in style with:

1. Qh6 and Black resigned in view of:

1... gxh6 (1... Bg5 2. Qxg7#) (1... Bf6 2. Bxf6 +-) 2. Nxh6# 1-0

Here's the whole game score:

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1 comment:

Ernie said...

First I looked at 1.Nxe7+ Qxe7 (1...Nxe7?? 2.Qxg7#) but that seems to go nowhere. The next move I considered was 1.Nh6+ gxh6 2.Qxh6 f6 which wouldn't have been possible if the LSB was pinning f7 to the king. After that I looked at 1.Qh6. The critical candidates to consider are gxh6 and Bf6.

A) 1...gxh6 2.Nxh6#

B) 1...Bf6 2.Bxf6 Qb6+ 3.Kh1 (not the tempting 3.Bd4? Qxd4+! 4.Nxd4 gxh6) and mate is unstoppable.