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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Egg Salad for 17 Please

TD Jerry Weldin, Sponsor Specialist Reyes, and winners Kerry Fatula, Sal Mancuso, Glen O'Banion, Steve Parsons, Randas Burns, Johnny Owens, Nathaniel Emdee, Katy Margaret Thomas, James Lawson, Darren Radford, Larry Davidson, Andrew Lee, and Stephanie Clayton.
It was a beautiful Saturday and a great day for chess as seventeen players gathered for the club's annual spring tournament, the 2010 Egg Salad Open. Thirteen players shared the honors. Steve Parsons, Randas Burns, Glen O'Banion, James Lawson, Darren Radford, and Johnny Owens split the 1st place, 2nd place, Class A, and Class B prizes as shared winners of the tournament with 3 points each. Kerry Fatula and Larry Davidson came up winners in Class C with 2 points. Andrew Lee and Katy Thomas were tops in Class D with 2 points. And Sal Mancuso, Stephanie Clayton, and Nathaniel Emdee divvied up Class E with 1 point each.

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Seen here sporting sunglasses to hide his intention to bluff, Kerry Fatula flashes a signal to his 3rd base runner before sending in the play.

"OK, fine. I shouldda gone before the round started."
"Let's see. I go here, then he goes there, but then the knight is hung, but it's safe because of the pin on the bishop. Ahhhh, but he's gonna see that! Uggghh! Where's the guy with those energy drinks?"
For complete results see the tournament crosstable here.

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