2013 Championship

Monday, April 26, 2010

White Piece Advantage

The champion Viswanathan Anand and the challenger Veselin Topalov will get a rest today after matching wins with the white pieces. The contest will resume tomorrow at 8:00 am EDT. You can see video and download game scores at the official site. Live video of grandmaster analysis of the games in progress can be seen on Chess.com TV.

Above is the position after 23. Rf3 in the first game Anand vs. Topalov. Vishy played 23... Kf7, but 23... Bb7 looks more promising for Black.

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Jerry said...

I tried the official site and Chess.com TV yesterday. The official site won hands down. Great graphics, running commentary in at least 3 lanquages (English is one) by a team of GM's one male and the other a past Woman's World Champion. There is a "live video feed" of the actual game in progress.
Johnny watched on ICC and reported that the coverage was excellent. It seems like ICC gets more expensive each year and plenty of free sites are usually available for the major events; I can't afford them anymore.