2013 Championship

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Bastille Day En Passant Open

OK, I know that Bastille Day is the 14th of July; but there were too many other chess events going on throughout the state. That's where the "en passant" comes in. A chess tournament by any other name is still an excuse for me to drop rating points like a rose loses petals in the fall.

Anyway....Johnny told me he had received great feedback after the "Summer Open" and folks wanted more Saturday tournaments.

Please note that I have restructured the rounds to help the elderly to better endure and allow our out of state players to get home before dark. I have also "tweaked" the Reserve prize money in order to give those players toward the bottom of the rating spectrum a reason to come and do battle. Hopefully everyone now has a realistic chance to take home some loot.

Remember that you can win a norm if you excel!!

For those who haven't played at the Family Buffet before: the food is excellent and reasonablely priced (all you can eat), beer and wine is available in addition to the regular drinks, it is handicap accessable, there is ample free parking, and the playing room is close to the restrooms. The Towne Mall is within walking distance and a 24hr Krogers is next door. So if your "honey do list" includes bringing home a loaf of bread and a quart of milk...we've got you covered! Should your better half find out that you made a detour to play chess... Hardin Memorial Hospital is only 1/2 mile south on the Dixie.

As entries are received I will post them here.
Andrew Preston ------ Reserve                    Johnny Owens ------------Open
Sal Mancuso --------- Reserve                    Glen O'Banion-------------Open
Stephanie Clayton-----Reserve                    Dan Franklin---------------Open
                                                                  Amy Nunn--------------- Open
                                                                  Rob Dennis--------------Open
                                                                  Ernie Weaver...............Open