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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July Rating Tournament

Every dog has his day and I guess mine was last night. After Amy made me fight for a draw I probably didn't deserve (scaring me to within an inch of my life in the process), Sal gave me an easy point and Johnny either overlooked a hanging Knight or thought I had a swindle prepared. Anyone who doesn't think luck plays a part in chess is full of beans.

Johnny still holds the lead in the Championship qualification, I am 2 points behind, but 3.5 points ahead of Joe (who stayed home with Patty on their 30th anniversary - wise decision Joe)  while Amy and Ernie have moved into a tie for forth.

Stephanie got revenge for her loss to Sal at the E-town Summer Open. And both plan on renewing their fight for bragging rights at the Bastille Day En Passant Tournament.

Congrats to Amy, the big rating points winner, for moving back into the "C" category.

Click here to see the entire X-table.

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