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Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Truly Fun Game from The Tired of Turkey Open

Below is my game against Larry Bell. A really fun game that just played itself. Can you find the resource for Black on Move 12?


Jerry said...

My candidate (without a computor) would be Q-e4

Joe F said...

An active move, I expect nothing less from Jerry, but there is a better move out there yet.

Ernie said...

12...d5 is a very logical move. It prevents the pawn fork (13.d5) and opens the diagonal for the bishop. Positions like this seem to take guesswork/intuition in short time controls. Even at G/60, 12...d5 should almost be played without much thought. I can't imagine foreseeing the problems in this move OTB, but I can picture Alekhine pointing out the variations that make it so.

Jerry and I analyzed this position and when he mentioned 12...Qe4, threatening 13...Nc2 I thought white may be able to play 13.Re1 and then 12...Qg6 looked pretty good. We figured 13.Na3 d5 (now!) gives black a good game. Jerry mentioned that 12...Qg6 13.d5 Ne5 14.Nxe5 dxe5 and I believe we were both thinking the g4-knight was now hanging--it's actually protected by the bishop. We also considered 12...Qg6 13.d5 Nc2 14.dxc6 Nxa1 15.cxb7+ Kxb7 16.Na3 (trying to trap the knight) d5 (to snap off the knight protecting c2) but I'm thinking now that 17.c5 allows the knight to be successfully trapped. We looked at some other variations, like 12...Qg6 13.Nh4 Qe4 14.Nf3 Nc2 etc.

There is more to this idea and things we didn't see. Houdini points out that 12...Qg6 is correct and best. Another line may go 13.d5 Ne5 14.Qxb4 Nxf3+ in which white is unable to re-capture due to the pin.

This is really tough to find, much less analyze everything in the short time controls we play. We thought there was a refutation to 12...Qg6 (I don't recall what we saw) and then started looking at 12...Qf5.

Jerry said...

When we were analyzing it was over the phone and without moving pieces. It was after a long session on the phone that we decided that the position was really complicated and as we drew no concrete conclusion; Ernie fed it to Houdini. It was fun trying though!

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