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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election Results Are In

Joe was unable to attend the special business/election meeting due to family health problems. Joe, you and your family are in the Club's thoughts and prayers.******** Amy Nunn chaired the meeting with Kerry Fatula, Rudy McKinney, Johnny Owens, and Jerry Weldin attending as well as new member Larry Bell.********* The new officers, elected unanamously are: President................Johnny Owens ****** Vice President...........Kerry Fatula ****** Secretary................Jerry Weldin ****** Treasurer................Steve Parsons ****** Additionally the attending members voted to amend the Club Constitution striking the requirement to be a member of USCF from the Club membership requirements.***** Many present reported problems with the web site; not being able to get on to post articles, comments, etc. It was resolved that Ernie Weaver be asked to investigate and Jerry Weldin did so 7 November. Ernie will check into the problem and suggested that we devote a portion of a meeting to a class on how to access the web site.***** Skittles and speed chess followed the official part of the meeting.***** The site still won't allow me to create paragraphs, please bear with us. I have went back in and tried to make the post easier to read.

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