2013 Championship

Thursday, December 20, 2012

For The Record

For the record the meeting of 18 December was attended by Joe Farrell, Johnny Owens, and Kerry Fatula. They decided the 2012 Club Championship matches would be played @G/45;d5 - 1 game per setting, top seed having White in the first game.

Additionally it was decided that the 2013 Club Championship will consist of:
The top 4 rated Club members per the 2013 December Rating Supplement; to be joined by the top two finishers in the monthly tournaments (Jan-Dec 2013) who are not already seeded by rating.

As with the 2012 format, matches must be won by a minimum of 2 points after the completion of an even number of games. Example : 2-0; 2.5-1.5; 3.5-2.5 etc. The high seed will get the bye in the second round of match play.

In closing a reminder that due to Christmas and New Years falling on Tuesdays this go round; our next meeting will be 8 January at ECTC for the first "Second Tuesday" rating tournament of 2013.

To keep from suffering "Chess Withdrawal" sign up for Johnny's "Christmas Open" 22 December! Johnny already has at least 3 Experts, 2 Class A players and several others Class B and below preregistered. 

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