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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Club Championship is Set

Amy Nunn outdistances the field and is the Club's Reserve Champion for 2012. The four finalists in the Club Championship are . . . Current champion Jerry Weldin who scored an impressive 24 points. Three time champion Johnny Owens is second with 17.5 points. Two time winner Joe Farrell cruised into third with 13 points. Prior second place finisher, Ernie Weaver scored 10 points. One match will pit Jerry Weldin against Ernie Weaver, while Johnny Owens will square off against Joe Farrell. The winners will then face each other for the Club Championship and a position in King of Kings Tourney. The winner must score at least 2 points (i.e. 2 wins or 1 win and 2 draws) and also lead after an even number of games. I am not certain of the time control, it was either G45 or G60.

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Jerry said...

Cool! If I remember right the time limit was a minimum of G/45 but could be higher.