2013 Championship

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Latest News / Reminder

Tuesday saw a weak turnout as many of our members either had family/personal obligations, were enjoying other pursuits, or weren't able to overcome their Chinese Restaurant phobia. We ended up with 4 players to include "first timer" Frank Little who is enrolled in the "Wounded Warrior" program at Fort Knox. Frank was very eager to expand his chess experience and stayed until the restaurant was closing. Frank intends to join USCF and play in next weeks tournament!

Kerry Fatula dropped by and announced that he and his wife have made an offer on a house in Pennsylvania. Stay in touch Kerry and show those boys in Allentown,PA how the game is played!

Amy and I rounded out the meeting.

Johnny left for Nashville and the Super Nationals today.

Joe got delayed in Colorado, where Steven receives medical treatment from time to time, and will not be able to play in the "Kings" tournament this weekend. His post on KCA (1 April) was not an April Fools hoax. We all wish Steven a speedy recovery and a safe trip home. Joe has passed the baton to Ernie Weaver. Good luck Ernie!

Again, this serves as a reminder that we will meet at the College next Tuesday.