2013 Championship

Monday, April 22, 2013

Match With New Albany

Johnny's post on the match was pretty brief and the "Anonymous" comment was pretty provocative. So I thought I'd present a more detailed account.

The E-town Chess Club is a "USCF Affiliate" which holds regular USCF rated events; all our current members are USCF members with current USCF ratings. The New Albany Club has three current USCF members. E-town selects their board players by current rating; New Albany has shuffled their line up at every meeting (three to date) to include playing folks who had never visited their Club before the night of the match (Phil Bond - second match).

The first match was won by E-town with a score of 3 wins and 2 draws. The second match was won by E-town with 4 wins and 3 draws.

Match #3 was a different story; as it was drawn with 3 wins and 1 draw each. Miami Fugate, KY's newest expert and representative of the Highland Chess Club majically appeared on 1st board!

Board 1 - Joe Farrell (2051)        -0           Miami Fugate  (2001)     - 1
Board 2 - John Coghill *              -1/2        Jerry Weldin (1820)      - 1/2
Board 3 - Loius DeFiore (1700)  -0           Mel Person (1850)        - 1
Board 4 - John Warth **             -0          Johnny Owens (1694)    - 1
Board 5 - Kerry Fatula (1640)     -1          Bryan Rayzor  ***         - 0
Board 6 - Andrew Comeau          -1          Amy Nunn (1511)         - 0
Board 7 - Bob Kilmer (1497)       -1          Bill Cornell                    - 0
E-town had white on odd numbered boards after coin toss.

*     John Coghill's USCF membership expired 2000-07-31 at that time he had a rating of 1451.
**   John Warth's USCF membership expired 2006-11-31 and is considered Unrated by USCF.
*** Bryon Rayzor's USCF membership expired 2011-06-30 at that time he was rated 1135.
Dan Bulleit with a USCF rating of 1368 was present for New Albany but did not play.

I'd like to see New Albany bring "over the board" USCF rated players to the next match so we can compare "apples to apples" instead trying to stack the deck with "correspondence masters" and others who don't play regularly for their Club. But I think I speak for all of us when I say "we just love to play chess"; bring on the strongest team you can muster and let's make the chess boards rumble!


Anonymous said...

This is Dan Bulleit, not anonymous.

Wow Jerry, I can appreciate the work you put into this and wonder where that energy came from!

Our club in Southern Indiana is truly a startup and we are trying to attract anyone who wants to play chess whether they be USCF active members or not. That "label" can also be an intimidating factor to curious new players. We don't have the history of your impressive club and hope to learn from clubs like yours the best way to do this.

BTW, we too are a USCF affiliate mainly to help draw players in. I surprised in your research you didn't find that as well. Regardless, we will let everybody in who just likes to get out and play chess. Everyone that plays on our team has been there with us on other nights, as you know we are very close to Louisville and can attract from that population. I'm not sure how you would know whose been coming to make that statement, but still it wouldn't matter to us. We are trying to determine our best dependable line up so yes we do shuffle players a bit, but your line up has also changed. It doesn't bother us. Our goal was to make it interesting and more competitive. Somehow you sounded offended. We would like to continue our series, as well as find other groups who like to play chess first. Someday, maybe all of us will be USCF members. Growing a club is a challenge. But anyone is welcome.

I personally didn't play so I could be an alternate to guarantee we had 7 players to travel to your club and not disappoint with a lesser number as did happen once. The times I have played, I have enjoyed each member of your club. You have a class lot and a good thing going. You didn't have or last club team members correct, but close.

As far as not ever being able to beat your club, we tied the last time so the future only knows. A friendly rivalry never hurt. I hope we can continue?

Your move.

Bill C. said...

Sour Grapes make for bad Whine, Jerry. The Southern Indiana Chess club is a community chess club - not just a club for USCF elitists. I played in two matches and lost both times to Bob Kilmer who was gracious, kind and a very good chess player. I'm really surprised by the poor sportsmanship of your "match with New Albany" article. Either way, we will continue to reach out to the community, build chess in southern Indiana and demonstrate good sportsmanship. I look forward to our next match.

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