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Sunday, June 6, 2010

3 Squared - or- For Real, You're Not On Central Time?

Nine Club members showed up for the KY Open; Andrew Preston, Bob Lenning, and Stephanie Clayton played in the Under 1400 Section; Bob Kilmer, Gelvic Cubar, and Johnny Owens took on the Under 1800 crowd; while Darren Radford, James Whiddon, and Jerry Weldin went for the brass ring in the Open. Larry Davidson of our Glasgow Branch was also in attendance; which actually gave the Tournament a decidedly E-town flavor.

Darren withdrew after a bad first day start; Stephanie Clayton kicked some serious under 1400 butt to bring home the glory for the Club. Not only the glory but when she said "show me the money" they wrote her a $100 check for the top Under 1000 prize! I hereby proclaim Steff the Club Hero of the week and an "Official Chess Diva".

IM Emory Tate was the winner in the Open Section despite showing up over 45 minutes late for the beginning of the 4th round (there by "spotting" his 2300+ rated opponent over half of the time allotted for the game). Not so fortunate was Ron Burnett (from Tennessee) who was rated 5 points higher than Tate at the start of the Tournament. Ron "forgot" he was no longer in the Central Time Zone and showed up over an hour late for the 4th round; giving Chris Bush a "gift point" and spoiling his chances for any prize money. Ron is in the red shirt in the picture Emory Tate is to his left in the photo.

The Tournament results have been posted on the USCF web site. Five of our contingent picked up rating points with Steff picking up the highest total, 84 points!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Jerry for thinking to take photos. I hope 20 players from E-town make it next year; it was fun!!!