2013 Championship

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Devil Felt A Chill

The 29 June meeting closed out the month with chess that measured a 7.5 on the rector scale. Nick, Ernie, Johnny, Kerry, James W., Gelvic, Larry, Stephanie,and Jerry fought relentlessly over the 64 square battlefield. Stephanie caused the Devil to reach for his sweater with a win over Kerry and Jerry defended a tough 5 pawns vs knight and 2 pawns end game against Gelvic which ended in a draw.

Other news: the library is now in residence at ECTC and should be operational again after the Bluegrass State Games.

Johnny announced a Saturday Tournament to be held 14 August in our normal meeting room at the College; watch for detail which will be posted soon.

PS-The pictures of Kasparov are for Steff; she thinks he's all that and plays chess too!