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Monday, June 14, 2010

Survey Results

The results of the recent survey are in; 16 members responded.

1. I would play in an additional Tuesday Night Rated Tournament. Yes = 7 No = 9
2. I would be willing to pay dues. Yes = 11 No = 5
3. Should membership be based on attendance or dues. Attendance = 6 Dues = 9
One member suggested a combination of the two.
4. Should the Club provide instructions to players who ask. Yes = 14 No = 2
5. Support for both assisted living residents and scholastic chess was: Yes=13 No=3
6. Would support additional Saturday Tournaments. Yes = 12 No =4

Several comments were received; here is a summary:

1. Challenge other clubs to matches.
2. Provide organized study with a demo board.
3. Have the higher rated players analysis games submitted by the membership.
4. Hold more local rated tournaments, to include quick chess events.
5. Start a club ladder.
6. Have a rated tournament every other week.
7. Reestablish the Club Library. (note: Bob is currently out of town.)
8. Recruit more members thru advertising, etc.
9. Concentrate on 1-2 new goals at a time; moving on to others as they are met.
10.Change Club meetings to Fridays.
11.Bring in local Masters for instruction/demo's.

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