2013 Championship

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Half A Dozen

Rudy (extreme left in photo) wasn't at the meeting tonight because he was visiting Sal who is back in the hospital again with pneumonia. Sal is in room 5-25 at Hardin Memorial.

Steve P. is transitioning to a new job in Bardstown, Joe F. is always on call at his job as is Nick, James W. is still recovering from his illness, Bob K. has a conflicting Church meeting, Stan isn't interested in chess "because it's not winter", Andrew P. doesn't like driving at night, Dave is moving and working overtime, Stephanie is still recovering from this weekends Eagle concert, and Andrew L. has some grades to bring up. That left us with Johnny, Kerry, Ernie, Gelvic, Jerry, and "stranger" Steve N. to hold down the fort.

2 rated ladder games were played:

Johnny punished Kerry
Gelvic stymied Ernie

Those who were not in attendance were almost nominated for office! We need to get the ball rolling on the elections folks!


Johnny said...

The British are coming! The British are coming!

I'm going to meet Great Britian's IM Andrew Martin on Friday evening and all day Saturday. He will discuss how to improve at chess. I hope to have a good time and come back with alot of new ideas.

Jerry said...

I stopped in to visit Sal at the hospital this evening and he was being released to go home. I don't think he is totally recovered as he was going home via ambulance and the in-home health nurse will report tomorrow. But he did seem in good spirits and was looking forward to getting a coke as soon as he got home. He still has leg issues and said they told him he has a pinched nerve.

Stephanie said...

Sal must be feeling because he called to threaten me.

Stephanie said...

feeling BETTER