2013 Championship

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October Rating Tournament

Gelvic Cubar was on a roll like Kramnik and rolled up sole possession of first place in the October Rating Tournament (rolling over me in the process)!

Ernie dropped to 3rd place in the Championship standings as Johnny and Joe took advantage of his absence to jump into the 1st and 2nd place spots respectively. It's still a tight race with only 2 months to go! 1 point separates 1st from 2nd and 2nd from 3rd; who will be the strong finisher?


Johnny said...

Actually, I was tied for 1st place with Ernie before last night. Ernie not showing-up last night allowed be to take a 2 point lead over him.

Jerry said...

Like I said Ernie dropped to 3rd place with 18 points. Johnny is correct that Ernie and he were tied for first with 18 points prior to Tuesday night. Now Johnny has 20 points and Joe has 19. Thus 1 point separates 1st from 2nd and 2nd from 3rd.

I spoke with Ernie Wednesday and found that he had been sick since Friday and was still not up to par Tuesday.

Johnny reports that Joe may have to miss next month due to a manditory class for work.

Ernie said...

If Joe misses and if we can somehow get Johnny to miss a tournament I'll be doing ok. :-)