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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rubbing elbows with IM Andrew Martin

I had a great time learning the "Secret" to success in chess this past weekend at a 10-hour Chess Clinic lead by Great Britian's IM Andrew Martin. He is a fantastic teacher and author of many books and DVD's!

I enjoyed being put on the spot when going up front to explain my move in a given position. I even chose the correct move, both times I was called on!

Also there, was author of "Improve Your Chess At Any Age", Andres Hortillosa.

Watch out E-town Chess Club. I'm ready to use this new information to reach new heights!


Jerry said...

Was there a discount for wearing the same shirt?

Ernie said...

Who knows? Maybe Johnny will end up in some videos with Andrew Martin in the next version of Fritz. For those who are unaware, Andrew Martin has done video lectures for at least Fritz 9.