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Friday, November 26, 2010

2010 Veteran's Tournament Revisited

Tournament Director - Steve Parsons (red shirt)

The under 1,000 Section - left to right: Gabrielle Sims (Clany's granddaughter),Swade Barned, Brandon Darby, Brian Barker, Brianna Barker, Nathan Kaissiah, and Andrew Preston (winner), Stephanie Clayton rounded out the section, but was performing photographer duties-check her out by clicking on "Membership" above.

The Open Section - left to right: Gelvic Cubar, Kerry Fatula, Clay Risner, Chris Bush, Chris Bealer, Randas Burns (winner), Andrew Lee, Jerry Weldin, and Johnny Owens. Absent from the photo was Clany Soileau, Michael Martin, and James Lawson.
I had held off publishing the group photos until I got the ok from Stephanie. I'm sure that everyone can appreciate the security issues involved with publishing children's photo's on line. As I didn't want to publish the Open pictures without the Under 1,000 Section; I held off until we got parental permission. In the future we will get parents to sign a release form during the entry procedure.
In case you missed it earlier (see The Best Tournament I've Ever Attended) Randus won the Open with a score of 3.5 and Andrew Preston scored a perfect 4 in the Under 1,000 Section.

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