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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Election And Other News

With attendance flagging due to various reasons; the "core members" decided to "hang in there" and carry on until the Club rebounds as it always does. Elections were held with the following results:

Jerry Weldin was reelected President when no one else would accept the nomination, Johnny Owens was reelected Vice President, Joe Farrell was elected Secretary, and Steve Parsons was reelected Treasurer.

Prior to the elections it was decided to make room #106A (Welding Room) the primary meeting room and use room # 108A (Carpentry Room) as the skittles/analysis room in order to make the Club library more accessible.

Finally with the necessary business out of the way...we played chess!

Johnny Owens defeated Ernie Weaver to take over the Top Ladder Position. Here are all the Ladder Games:

Owens timed out Weaver .......Rated
Weldin fried Folino ..........Rated
Farrell fricasseed Fatula..........Unrated

In case you haven't gotten the word; Johnny Owens has agreed to be one of Kentucky's three USCF representatives! Thanks Johnny!

Joe Farrell has come up with another Mon Roi holder which is collapsible and adjustable to various angles; librarians use them to display books. Great idea Joe! Let me know if you can find the company that makes them; with some slight modifications we could start a business.


Johnny said...

Actually, Ernie still had 2 seconds remaining on his clock when he resigned!

Stephanie said...

Well, at least the tea party didn't affect e-town chess elections and the loss of our mad hatter.

Ernie said...

I played on 2 seconds for quite a few moves and then resigned in a lost position. Congrats to Johnny for a game well played!