2013 Championship

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Here is a photo of Judith Polgar in her younger days, currently the highest rated mother in chess. Everyone was probably getting tired of Kamsky and Topalov's pictures.

All the games in the Candidates Match were drawn today. Therefore Kamsky advances to the next round by avenging his 2009 lost to Topalov with a score of 2.5 - 1.5. The only other player to score a win in the "regulation 4 game matches" was Gelfand who becomes Gata's opponent for Round #2. A good match up if you consider they are only separated by one rating point on FIDE's latest rating list. Gelfand - 2733, Kamsky - 2732. Additionally both defeated opponents rated approximately 40 points higher than themselves in Round #1.

The rest of the field will lose a day of rest/preparation as they will be playing "tie break" games tomorrow. I'm sure their "seconds" are cursing as we speak.

Here is a review of the schedule for the next few days:
09 May - Tie breaks Kramnik vs Radjabov and Aronian vs Grischuk
10 May - Rest
11 May - Rest
12 May - Round #2 begins:
Kamsky vs Gelfand and the winners of the tie breaks will play each other.

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