2013 Championship

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rainy Days And Mondays

Stephanie Clayton sent me the above photo's and has once again "Tom Sawyered" me into doing her work for her.
What do Nelson Co football players do when school is flooded out? Play chess of course! The players are Jake Lemieux (Steff's nephew) and Nelson Co Football Team Captain, Chris Losch, Nathan Kassiah, and Tim Kassiah.
Steff reports that the Kassiah brothers were victorious after being cheered on by Raina (mother) and Nada (sister). Reportedly the ladies present munched on cookies and enjoyed the "eye candy".
A return match has already been scheduled for the next "flood day".

I have played Raina, Nathan, and Tim in my trips to Bardstown and Nada kibitzed the game I played her mother. A chess playing family for sure! Hopefully we can lure them to E-town for some games.

Thanks for the photo's Steff! If I got anything wrong please make a comment for the record.