2013 Championship

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


That's Rudy on the left leading the charge!
The "Ladder" saw a lot of action tonight along with regular skittles and 10 minute games. Dave and Kerry were already playing when I arrived but I don't know the outcome of their game(s?). Here are the games that were posted on the chalk board as "Ladder games and or rated games:
McKinney mugged Owens - "ladder game" putting Rudy on the top rung -- rated
Owens gets revenge against McKinney -- rated (not a ladder game due to ladder rules)
Nunn schooled Clayton - unrated ladder game (no changes to ladder)
Weldin shut down Cubar - rated (no ladder changes)
Mancuso embarrassed Clayton - rated (no ladder changes)

Other news:
1. Benny Wilson has returned from Florida and assures me that he will be back to the Club soon.
2. Johnny played in Louisville last week and defeated our good friend Bobby Amback. Those of you who have played Bobby know that this is not an easy task!
3. James Whiddon has a booth at the E-town Flea Market selling Chess Paraphernalia, "hot wheels", and assorted games. If you have chess sets, boards, or clocks you'd like to get rid of see James and work out a deal!
4. Yes, Dave Brock did show up tonight.
5. Sal is back in all his glory. New van, same chauffeur!