2013 Championship

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gelvic On A Roll

Gelvic continued his winning streak mugging Jerry in a rated Ladder game last night. Pictured above is Gelvic's new clock. For those who don't know; Gelvic was holding off buying a clock until he broke the 1800 barrier. Be aware that his new clock works off "body conductance", you must actually touch the button, using a captured piece will not work.

The only other rated game played was Kerry's win over Stephanie.

We had two visitors last night. Josh (I didn't get a last name) came as a result of seeing James at the Flea Market. And someone who bore a striking resemblance to Nick Folino got a phone call just like Nick used to and had to rush off...wait that was Nick!

Johnny and Amy rounded out the field. Johnny drew a game with Nick and Amy played Stephanie but they didn't record a result.

Rudy and Sal were supposed to be there but didn't make it.


Johnny said...

Rudy called me and said he wouldn't be there but, that Sal had a ride and planned on attending! Amy won the game with Stephanie but, it was an unrated games!

Ernie said...

Gelvic...Congrats on reaching Class A and a nice winning streak!