2013 Championship

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rudy Beats Jerry to Move Back To The Top Of The Ladder!!

Rudy McKinney is back on top of the ladder! He won it back from the man who took it away from him. Jerry sac'ed a rook, but wasn't able to win. The game was rated.

Amy beat Gelvic in a unrated ladder game to move up, but lost to Johnny in a rated ladder game and is now 4th on the ladder.

Other rated games were: Clayton 1 - Mancuso 0 and Owens 1 - Brock 0.

There were several other games played at the club!


Jerry said...

Dwight Roy and Matt Allen were also present and played several games with various members. This was their third visit to the Club, I think they are hooked on the game and will be returning.

Dwight said...

having fun,but getting our butts kicked