2013 Championship

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Joe Farrell Swepts The Field, 3-0 At The Monthly Swiss!

Joe Farrell won all 3 games from the July Monthly Swiss to pick-up 23 rating points! Amy Nunn made the biggest rating jump, picking up 83 points.

We had 9 club members to turn out for the July Monthly Swiss but, Jerry Weldin withdrew after the 1st round, due to a family emergency.

The USCF has rated the event and it can be located here!


Joe F said...

Jerry, so sorry you had to leave early. Hope everything is alright.

Three Swindles!
Jerry had earned a draw but made a mistake in move order in time pressure (opposite colored bishops). Jerry, look at Nxg6 in response to my playing g6. that may win. I saw it as I moved the pawn.

I gave Gelvic two pieces for a rook just so we'd have an imbalance. he actually had the better position and more time.

Ernie was a victim of an odd move order in the Kings Indian, that cost him a lot of opening time.

Ernie said...

Good job on the perfect score, Joe!

The opening definitely cost time. Although I didn't lose on time, it could have had some impact on the decisions I made later. I don't recall walking into any blunders because the moves I considered somewhat risky were calculated. In one instance where I played Kh2, I knew that Joe could play ...Qe5+ which forces the trade of queens and goes into a king and pawn endgame with bishops of the same color and Joe is a central pawn up. I didn't think this was lost so I'll have to review that. In another position I played a risky move, attempting to remove the guard but was fully aware that it drops a pawn. I thought it was somewhat even, but perhaps that should have been avoided altogether. It was definitely a bad decision. Again, good job!

Joe F said...

Ernie, we'll both have to look at the ending. I liked my chances when the bishops were on the board but when you let me exchange bishops, I thought the K+P ending was a win for me. Ultimately it was a win, but not by much.

Gelvic, that's the first time you didn't play c6 against me as black. I think that would have been an improvement over playing Be6. c6 defends both b5 and d5 from entry. although, my knight advance did not decide the game, it was your late pawn thrust that decided things.

Stephanie said...

I think Amy needs a crown to wear after Tues. nite's play. Congratulations Amy! You had some great games!!