2013 Championship

Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Game From The Louisville Open

As everyone should know by now; I always play in the Open Section. Why pay $100 to play Gelvic and Johnny when I can play them at home for free? Additionally I receive free chess lessons by going over my games with stronger opponents. If you're in chess for the money you may need a new hobby. I guess I am lucky in that I enjoy chess win, lose, or draw; winning is better of course. Here is a game with multiple mistakes which I haven't analized deeply yet. Some may even think my choice of opening was a mistake, but I decided to "dance with the one who brought me".
My opponent was also a "senior citizen". I'm sure it will be entertaining and anxious to see Ernie's comments.


Ernie said...

This is definitely not an "easy" win. I've beaten Fritz in this endgame but it has been a while. It took about 33 moves or so but that technique is long forgotten.

As far as the tactic 37...Bxg4+, black had this on move 35 as Jerry said. As soon as 34.Ra7 was played I looked at the placement of white's king to see if it was checkable by the bishop, which it wasn't until 35.Kf3?. But it's not always easy to see this stuff OTB when the time is dwindling and you've had a long day.

Joe F said...

as Ernie says, it is easy to comment afterwards, I like 48 Kf5 better than h4. the object is to shepherd the pawns forward until he must give up something to stop them. if doesn't stop you immediately, advance to f4. if he plays Kf3, the g4+ followed by Kg5 and h4.

with 14 minutes left, I'd sure push the issue, there is no risk for white.

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