2013 Championship

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Knights #1 Is Underway!

Round one of our Game/75 tournament began today. We had three club members that decided to play and Mark Ayers of California dropped by the club and set in so we didn't have a bye! He is currently rated 1835 and went on the beat Johnny in round one! In our other game Gelvic, fresh from his outstanding performance at the Louisville Open went on to win against Kerry!

Amy Nunn will join us during round 3. Remember this will be a five round event and I hope we can get others to particapate. We really need 6 plaers to play, in order to ensure that nobody has to play the same opponent twice.


Jerry said...

In the "skittles room" Dave beat Sal in a rated game and Bob,Rudy,and Jerry played 15 minute games. Mark Ayers joined in the 15 minute games after his tournament game was over.

Johnny said...

Perhaps, we need to do away with rated games at the club! In any case, I'm resigning as club tournament director, due to poor support (Ladder & Tourneys) effective the end of the year. Kerry, Ernie and Jerry are certified tournament directors, if they can get players out of the 'skittles room'.

Ernie said...

Johnny pointed out a mistake on the championship table. Gelvic had an adjusted total of "13" when it should have been "13.5". The correction has been made. I double-checked the rest and they seem to be correct. Thanks Johnny!

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