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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gimme More Stuff

Have you browsed the items on the righthand side of our blog? There are all sorts of tidbits there to lead you to more chess. For example, have you tried using TWIC - The Week in Chess (see the box labelled 'Where the Chess Is')? It's a great resource of all the top games played in the world each week. You can download the games as PGN or CBH (Chessbase) files. If you use the latest Chessbase Light 2009 (also listed on the righthand side) or Chessbase 10 or 11, you'll find an option on the Help menu called Get TWIC. Choosing this will automatically download the latest TWIC file(s) to your computer. Just choosing this option every week or two can keep you up to date will all the theory in latest practice. Then make yourself a new blank database and append each TWIC file to create a new collection of all the latest games.

Don't see your favorite chess site listed here? Send it to Bob to get it linked on our blog.

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