2013 Championship

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Strike Another Match

Here we go again! The Battle for the Bluegrass against the Winchester Chess Club / Anywheretownfieldville Chess Club is underway. It's five boards of double action, ten games at once. Our lenningrl signed on to face khob86 1862 Chess.com / 908P USCF on board one. KYLion is on board two against timrox 1735 Chess.com. DerLinksspringer is going head to head against backrow1720 1675 Chess.com / 1319 USCF, while wpgriffon will face off against boyerbcb77 1665 Chess.com. Our fifth board will feature wildangels against jahnknight 1410 Chess.com / 939P USCF. Watch the action live and support our club on Chess.com.

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