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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not Just Another Tuesday Night

It was a busy night down at the E-Town club tonight. Eight players lined up for 2nd Tuesday Swiss assignments, enough for 2 sections. The players included Johnny, Jerry, Steve P., Ernie, Stephanie, Rudy, Sal, and James. Steve and Rudy ripped up the competition to score 3 points each in their sections. Get a look at the official crosstable here.

Four players put in time over the board for championship games. Joe Farrell took 2 points in contests against Stan Mullins and Kerry Fatula scored a point against Bob Kilmer. Eleven players had results in the last crosstable, with Ernie picking up 4 points. Find the latest update to offical results here.

Bob L. manned the library and hosted the club's newest member, Andrew Lee. Andrew scored 1 point in 3 games against club players, proving that he'll fit right in. He already plays online at Chess.com and will soon join our club page there. Be sure to welcome Andrew to the club when you meet him.

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Jerry said...

Unfortunately the "Championship" games were played against the rules of the Championship which stated that the Second Tuesday was "sacred" due to the Monthly Tournament.

The TD let the games stand so now we have set a precident that further degregades the "Championship".

It will be hard to organize a "championship" in the future; but that is no longer my concern.As I intend to stay out of that fray next year.