2013 Championship

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Playing for Bread

Panera Bread saw action both Thursday night (with Stephanie, Bob L., Sal, and everyone in Nick's family except Nick plus Dominic's friend Bryce and his mom) and Saturday morning (with Jerry, Stephanie, Bob L., and Darren). James was given an official pardon for not being there Saturday because it was his anniversary.

Action is also fast for our club at Chess.com. Stan has now joined up and we've got 13 on our team. A recent club attendee, James Osborne, has also stopped by to see us online. He should be on our group list shortly. We are down 3 games against Winchester, so the remaining boards will have to try to hang tough. No games are yet completed against the Ashburn club.

We have also received a match challenge from Republic of Newfoundland and a vote chess challenge from the Winchester Club. We need more players to express an interest before accepting.

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