2013 Championship

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chess Veterans

Twenty anxious players showed up for the 1st annual Veterans Day Tournament in Bardstown. Forty games were played in 3 sections to settle the contest. Lots of familiar names appeared on the prize list. Steve Parsons took clear first in the open section, with Darren Radford taking second. Chris Bush, Michael Brooks, and Johnny Owens split the 3rd position. In the under 1600 section Rudy McKinney and Clany Soileau tied for first and Stan Mullins held down the 3rd spot by himself. The under 1000/unrated section saw a logjam for first. Stephanie Clayton, James Biggs, Daniel Martin, and Will Hahn shared honors. Stephanie took the top honor on tiebreaks. See the complete crosstable here.


Jerry said...

There were only 3 sections.

Bob Lenning said...

You are right Jerry. Thanks.