2013 Championship

Sunday, November 29, 2009


While a "triple D" may conjure up thoughts of wide shoes or plus size Victoria Secret catalogs; here in E-town it stands for "Dave vs Darren Duel".

I dropped in on Dave and Darren as they were bringing the first game of their match to a "time scramble finale" with Darren emerging the victor after "being under the cudgel" until the very end.

Bob Lenning popped in shortly after my arrival but left after the second game got underway as he had left his rice cooker on at home. Steve Parsons arrived shortly thereafter; just missing Bob but in time to relieve me to respond to a frantic call from home.

Dave called me later to report that Darren emerged victorious in the second game also. Dave further reported that he enjoyed both games even though they were hard fought losses for him. To quote Dave "they were worth driving to E-town". (Dave lives in Munfordville and the holiday traffic was pretty bad)

Six more games remain to close out this years Club Championship:

Farrell vs Owens (2)
Farrell vs Radford (2)
Weaver vs Phelps (1)
Mullins vs Mancuso (1)

Reminder to all: 15 December is the last day to get your games played and reported to Johnny.

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