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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We Are Winners!

Darren has bonked backrow1720 again in the last game against the Winchester club in our very first match! Our record is now 1-0 as a team. What great fun! I'll be looking to set up more matches for us soon. In the meanwhile, check out Darren's performance as analyzed by Fritz after the break.

(1) backrow1720 (1678) - DerLinksspringer (1881)
Online Chess Chess.com (1), 30.09.2009
[Fritz 11 (30s)]

B02: Alekhine's Defence: Chase Variation and lines with early Nc3 1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Nf6 3.Nc3 Nxd5 4.Bc4 Nxc3 last book move

5.bxc3 Bf5 6.Qf3 White threatens to win material: Qf3xf5 6...Qc8 [6...e6 7.Qxb7 Nd7 8.Nf3²] 7.Ba3 [7.Nh3!? Nc6 8.d4²] 7...Nc6= 8.Ne2 Ne5 Black threatens to win material: Ne5xf3 9.Qd5 [9.Qf4 Nxc4 10.Qxc4 c5=] 9...Nxc4 [9...f6 10.Bb3 a5 11.f4=] 10.Qxc4= Black has the pair of bishops 10...Qd7 11.d3 Prevents intrusion on e4 11...e5 12.Bxf8 Rxf8 [Instead of 12...Kxf8 13.Qb4+ Kg8 14.Qxb7±] 13.Ng3 Be6 14.Qe4 f6 15.Qxb7 Traps the king in the center [15.0–0!?= has some apparent merit] 15...Bd5³ Black threatens to win material: Bd5xb7 16.Qb4 Bxg2 White cannot castle king side 17.Rg1 Bf3 Black traps the enemy king in the center [17...Bd5 18.c4 Bc6 19.0–0–0³] 18.Rb1 [18.Ne4 g6=] 18...Kf7 19.Ne4 Bxe4 20.Qxe4 Kg8 Black king safety improved 21.Qh4 [21.Rb7!?²] 21...Qc6 Black threatens to win material: Qc6xc3 22.Kd2 Qf3 [22...Rad8 23.Rg4=] 23.Qg3 Qxg3 24.Rxg3 A double rook endgame occured

24...Rab8 Black threatens to win material: Rb8xb1 25.Rbg1 g6 26.h4 Rb2 27.h5 g5 28.Rg4 Rxa2 29.Rb4 [29.Rc4!?= should be investigated more closely] 29...Kg7µ 30.Rb7 Rf7 31.Rgb1 Kh6 32.Rh1 Rd7 33.Rb4 [33.f3 Ra4µ] 33...a5 [33...c5!? 34.Rc4 Rd5–+] 34.Rc4µ Rb2 35.Ra4 Rd5 36.Rha1 Kxh5 37.Rxa5 Rxa5 38.Rxa5 Rb7 39.c4 [39.d4!? exd4 40.cxd4µ] 39...Kg4–+ 40.Ra1 [40.c5 h5–+] 40...h5 41.Rh1 [41.Ke3 h4–+] 41...h4 42.Rg1+ [42.Ke3–+ desperation] 42...Kf3 43.Re1 Rb2 44.Kc3 [44.d4 does not save the day 44...exd4 45.Re6 Kxf2 46.Rxf6+ Kg3–+] 44...Kxf2 45.Re4 [45.Rh1 what else? 45...Ra2 46.d4–+] 45...Rb1 46.Kd2 h3 47.Re2+ Kg3 48.Re3+ Kg4 49.Re4+ Kh5 50.Re3 g4 51.Rg3 h2 [51...h2 52.Ke3 h1Q 53.d4 Qe1+ 54.Kd3 e4#] 0–1

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