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Thursday, November 26, 2009

New (to me!) Chess site

How many times have you bought a Chess book only to be disappointed when you received it? Yesterday I stumbled onto a new chess site while trying to find info on a chess book I have seen advertised. I haven't explored all it has to offer yet; but found the book review section, of the new site to be a very helpful tool that we all could use.

Go to www.chessville.com/ choose "REVIEWS" then "INDEX"; find the book you want and click on it for a review.

I did not waste my money on the book (Black Lion) after reading the review.

Now you have something to do while the "non-nerds" are watching those annoying parades and football games!

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Darren said...

Check out the review of the Scandinavian book by James Plaskett. Who wrote such a fine review?