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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Clean The Chalk Board And Dust The Erasers

The "Back To School Tournament" was as cool as a varsity football jacket and as hard as an "open book" test. Seventeen players turned out to joust on the square field with Randas Burns going undefeated in the Open with 3.5 out of 4; while Juan Carlos Andino scored a perfect 4 points to take home the money in the "Under 1200" section.

Here is a full list of the prize winners:
1st - $50 - Randas Burns
2nd - $15 - Chris Bush
"B" - $15 - Glen O'Banion
C/D - $15 - Clany Soileau
Under 1200
1st - $40 - Juan Carlos Andino
"F" - $15 - Sal Mancuso
"G" - $15 - Brianna Barker

Top photo - Glen O'Banion*, Andrew Lee, Mike Thomas, and "Teacher" Randas Burns*
2nd photo - Katie Thomas and Brianna Barker*
3rd photo - Juan Carlos Andino*
4th photo - Back of Glen O'Banion*, Mike Thomas, Randas "Teacher" Burns*, and Gelvic Cubar
Asterisk indicates a prize winner.

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